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Mobil SHC™ synthetic Paper Machine (PM) lubricants

Whether you are producing newsprint, fine papers, or corrugated board, equipment availability is vital to maximizing productivity. Your machines must deliver continuously. And with machinery in the pulp and paper industry operating at speeds over 2,000 m/min and steam temperatures exceeding 200°C (392°F), your equipment is under a lot of pressure.

Mobil SHC™ PM Series and Mobilith SHC™ PM Series  
Our full family of superb-performance synthetic circulation oils and greases is engineered to satisfy the wide range of pulp and paper applications and conditions.

Formulated with leading-edge synthetic technology and application expertise, these products can help increase equipment availability, which can minimize downtime and operating expenses. They are designed to stay on the job significantly longer than conventional mineral oil.

We also offer a robust line of synthetic and premium mineral oil-based lubricants for paper machinery, including hydraulic, compressor and gear oils, all designed for the diverse operating environments in pulp and paper processing.*

Mobil SHC™ PM Series superb-performance synthetic circulation oils for dryer sections and calendar applications
Mobil DTE™ PM Series premium mineral oil-based paper machine oils for wet- and dry-end circulation systems
Mobil DTE Excel™ Series premium performance anti-wear circulation oils for calendar and press sections
Mobilith SHC™ PM Series synthetic high-performance paper machine greases for wet- and dry-end bearing applications
Mobilgear SHC™ XMP Series extra-high-performance synthetic gear oils for gear, bearing and seal protection
Mobil SHC™ 600 Series superb-performance gear and circulating oils for a wide range of critical applications
Mobilgear SHC™ Series synthetic high-performance extreme pressure gear oil
Mobilgear™ 600 XP Series high-performance gear oils for gear, bearing and seal protection
Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ Series high-viscosity-index, shear-stable, anti-wear oils for hydraulic systems
Mobil DTE™ 20 Series premium anti-wear oils for hydraulic systems

*Since equipment and operating conditions vary, please refer to equipment builder manual for preferred lubrication recommendations.

World-class expertise and equipment builder approvals
Our experienced engineers work closely with customers and leading equipment builders to gain insights into new technology and lubrication requirements that help guide our product development. Mobil SHC™ synthetic lubricants are recognized across the industry for consistently delivering reliable performance and maximum equipment protection by leading OEMs.

Providing the support you need
Our reliable support services mean you’re never on your own.**

ExxonMobil technical support – Our team of technical experts is available by phone or online to provide guidance and advice for your facility.

Trained distributor sales representatives – On-site guidance in lubricant selection helps enhance your plant’s productivity and efficiency.

Field Engineering Services (FES)– Profit from professional advice on sound lubrication practices, optimizing lubricant performance, and equipment troubleshooting as well as systems inspections and proactive monitoring to help you run your machines longer and more efficiently.

State-of-the-art SignumSM Oil Analysis program – Monitor your lubricant and equipment condition to help increase equipment life and reliability, which can reduce maintenance costs. By analyzing critical indicators in used oil, the program delivers the knowledge you need to better understand your company’s lubricants and equipment status.

**Consult your local ExxonMobil representative for availability in your area.

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