Industrial grease loaded in a gear

Mobil™-branded Grease

Smart industrial greases for high performance

Mobil-branded greases – whether mineral or synthetic oil based – are engineered smart right from the start. Their advanced formulations are designed to provide all-around balanced performance for severe conditions experienced by today’s industrial and mobile equipment.

Based on carefully selected mineral and synthetic base fluids in combination with patented thickener technologies and synergistic additive systems, Mobil-branded high-technology greases can help protect your equipment, provide long re-lubrication intervals and enable problem-free operation.

Smart grease, smart choice
Our smart, high-technology greases offer controlled release of lubricating oil, knowing just the right amount to release for extended protection. They stay exactly where they’re needed, making them easier to use while helping control maintenance and replacement costs. Available in broad range of NLGI grades and base fluid viscosities, Mobil-branded Grease is the smart choice.

Mobil Grease Video with Paul Grives

Mobil SHC™ Grease 102 WT Performance Profile

Mobil SHC™ Grease 460 WT Performance Profile

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Mobil™ Industrial Lubricants for Wind Turbines


We also offer a line of Marine specific Mobil SHC Aware™ lubricants that meet the US EPA’s Vessel General Permit guidelines.