Industrial engine grease loaded in gear

Mobil SHC 600 Series synthetic circulating and gear oils deliver premium performance under extreme conditions to meet the changing demands of your machinery.

Industrial lubricants map of Atlantic Ocean and surrounding continents

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Industrial machine grease in a factory

The key to a successful operation is productivity. The more productive your machines, the more output. The more output, the more profit. The team behind Mobil™-branded industrial lubricants has the unsurpassed global capability to help keep your machines producing.

Three years without oil changes — guaranteed*
  New Mobil SHC™ Rarus Series compressor oils have demonstrated the capability to last up to 24,000 hours in a compressor field trial.
 *Contact your local ExxonMobil representative or distributor for more information.
 Result relates solely to fluid performance in one rotary screw compressor. Performance will vary based on operating conditions and application.