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Whether you produce a bolt or a gear set, the key to your plant’s productivity — and profitability — is keeping your equipment running smoothly. By maintaining your operation at its optimum level, you’ll be more competitive. Getting the finished product out the door as quickly as possible not only requires the right lubricants, you also need expert support behind you.

We can help you every step of the way. In addition to offering value-added, high-performance lubricants and metalworking fluids, we provide a range of analytic programs supported by trained sales representatives and engineers. Our full suite of products and services is designed to help keep your machinery running at peak efficiency while helping to lower your total cost of operation and to make your job easier.

Mobil™-branded industrial lubricants are formulated with product compatibility in mind. Since there is an active interrelationship between these lubricants within the machine tools — your slideway oil, for example, is often integrated with your metalworking fluids — there’s a great advantage to having all your metal-processing lubricants working together. Few other suppliers can offer you that convenience.

Global builder approvals and proven field performance.
Thoroughly tested before they are commercialized, Mobil-branded industrial lubricants are supported by extensive builder approvals. For example, the Mobil Vactra™ Series is recognized across the industry for consistently delivering precision machining due to its friction control and compatibility with many coolants.

Providing the support you need.

Our reliable services mean you’re never on your own:*

ExxonMobil Technical Support — Convenient assistance from our team of technical experts, available by phone or online, offering guidance and advice for your facility.

Trained Distributor Sales Representatives — On-site guidance on lubricant selection to help enhance your plant’s productivity.

Field Engineering Services (FES) — Professional advice on sound lubrication practices, optimizing lubricant performance, and equipment troubleshooting as well as systems inspections and proactive monitoring, which can help you run your machines longer and more efficiently.

State-of-the-art SignumSM Oil Analysis program — Monitors lubricant and equipment condition to help increase equipment life and reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. Specifically tailored for the machining industry to gauge critical indicators in used oil, the program delivers the knowledge you need to better understand your company’s lubricants and equipment status.

Rely on leading-edge Mobil-branded industrial lubricants and unsurpassed industry expertise to help you optimize the productivity of your precision-machining business.

*Consult your local ExxonMobil representative for availability in your area.

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