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Baked Goods Processing

The baking industry requires a variety of lubricants, including greases, hydraulic and compressor fluids, gear and chain fluids, as well as heat transfer fluids. Equipment is run for extended periods of time and under extreme conditions, enduring high temperatures and pressures. Downtime is costly. For this reason, lubricants used in baked goods processing must be effective to keep bakery equipment running smoothly for longer and to prevent wear, degradation and unnecessary repairs — even under these intense conditions.

Mobil SHC Cibus™ Series lubricants, Mobilgrease™ FM Series greases and Mobil SHC Polyrex™ greases are designed to withstand the heat. With a naturally high viscosity index, these Mobil-branded food machinery lubricants maintain their viscosity even at high temperatures, providing a more robust lubricant film to help protect metal surfaces and reduce friction. The low-volatility properties at high temperatures can reduce consumption and extend oil life when compared to conventional mineral oil products. The inherent resistance to thermal and oxidative stability can help increase lubricant life and reduce maintenance costs.

Engineered with the aim of lubricating productivity in these extreme-temperature conditions, the colorless Mobil SHC Cibus Series lubricants are capable of providing outstanding lubrication for your critical equipment. Mobil SHC Cibus, Mobil SHC Polyrex and Mobilgrease FM products are manufactured at ISO 22000-certified facilities that also meet the requirements of ISO 21469, helping to ensure that the highest levels of product integrity are maintained.

Whether you specialize in the production of bread, pastries or cookies, these high-performance food machinery lubricants are designed to fit alongside your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) risk-management lubrication plan.

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