Mobil DTE 700

Introducing Mobil DTE™ 700 


The high-performance turbine oil for both gas and steam turbines

Help maximize the productivity of your turbines, at the same time effectively simplifying your lubricant decision making, with Mobil DTE 700 Series, our consolidated solution for steam and medium- to heavy-duty gas turbines.

Compatible with most existing Mobil™-branded turbine oils, Mobil DTE 700 Series, formulated with carefully selected basestocks and additives, performs across a varied range of features — making your job easier and helping you reduce your inventory.

Mobil DTE 700 can help enhance demulsibility, oxidation stability and deposit control, three of the most important characteristics for turbine oils. By retaining these key properties, Mobil DTE 700 can help enhance your equipment reliability and uptime — and your operation’s overall productivity potential.

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