Mobil™-branded Industrial 


Advanced lubricants for higher performance and industrial equipment protections

Leading technology Mobil-branded synthetic greases — whether mineral or synthetic — can help protect your equipment, extend re-lubrication intervals and help enable problem-free operation. Based on carefully selected mineral and scientifically engineered synthetic base fluids, in combination with patented thickener technology and synergistic additive systems, Mobil-branded synthetic greases are specially designed to meet a wide variety of operating conditions in both industrial and mobile equipment. These conditions include very high and low temperatures, water contamination, heavy or shock loads, and variable speeds. Mobil-branded synthetic greases are available in a range of viscosity grades to offer you the right grease for your application.

Engineered to keep your machinery operating in top form, Mobil-branded industrial greases help provide distinct advantages:

  • Enhanced equipment reliability and performance — even in extreme operating conditions.
  • Cost-effective lubrication and reduced waste — based on long grease life and extended relubrication interval.
  • Improved productivity — from the deep application expertise of our Field Engineers, supported by our longstanding equipment builder relationships and other technical resources.